VARIA modular installation array systems are designed to be the most flexible and versatile loudspeakers available.

Highly configurable enclosures and ingenuous hardware, make it easy to tailor each speaker to every application.

Integrating only the highest quality components, VARIA employs powerful low-frequency woofers and lightweight neodymium compression drivers, all coupled to the most advanced cabinet and waveguide designs.

The result is a system that delivers the sound and performance you’ve come to expect from Renkus-Heinz.

Renkus-Heinz - VARIA

Renkus-Heinz - PN102LA - Line Arrays


PN102/LA series of line arrays unite advanced technology and application-driven engineering, to bring vertical line array technology closer to the ultimate reference point: reality.

Designed for the most demanding environments, PN/PNX102/LA series line arrays are fully integrated electroacoustic systems with all elements optimised to deliver unequaled fidelity and coverage.

When a venue calls for a high-powered vertical array, PN/PNX102/LA is the logical choice for demanding designers, operators, and audiences.