Stewart Audio - AV8-2-LZ-D - Comapct Networked PoE Amplifiers

Compact Networked PoE Amplifiers

Stewart Audio’s compact Dante amplifiers are designed to be single cable solution for smaller zones, without the need for a local power outlet.

This amplifier series leverages the ubiquitous nature of existing CAT 5e/6 cable in zones and also the inexpensive process of pulling new cable to zones.

The PoE+ amplifier series also leverages the higher power 802.3 at PoE+ standard (30W port power) to power two amplifier models, the AV8-2-LZ-D (8W x 2 @ 4/8Ω) and the CVA16-1-CV-D (16W x 1 @ 70V/100V).

Stewart Audio - DSP100-2-LZ - Compact DSP Amplifiers

Compact DSP Amplifiers

The DSP and FLX series of compact amplifiers from Stewart Audio take the capabilities of compact amplifiers to another level.

Integral DSP capabilities, higher power levels (up to 320W), low impedance and constant voltage versions, multi-channel (1-4), optional Dante connectivity, and external controls are all features of the DSP and FLX amplifiers.

On the more advanced FLX models the DSP includes a full cross-point mixer, EQ, filters, limiters and much more. A USB port makes programming simple, fast and repeatable for large installations. While he RVC and RS232 control allow volume control from a wide range of devices.

Stewart Audio - AV25-2 - Sub Compact Amplifiers

Sub Compact Amplifiers

1/4 and 1/3 rack width amplifiers are an ideal solution for installations where an equipment rack is either full or not being installed.

Stewart Audio’s sub compact amplifiers can be located in places normally off-limits to ‘normal’ amplifiers. These convection cooled amps can be located in ceiling voids, attached to walls, furniture or even poles.

Single and dual channel sub compact amplifiers are readily available with Dante alternatives ,that are designed to be single cable solutions for smaller zones that don’t have easy access to a local power outlet.

Stewart Audio - AV30MX-2 - Compact Mixer Amplifiers

Compact Mixer Amplifiers

In smaller commercial installations, spaces is always at a premium, but with Stewart Audio’s compact mixer amplifiers, this is no longer an issue.

For small restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores, these mixer amps put the user control and amplification into one compact enclosure that’s easily located. The perfect solution for powering 4 – 8 loudspeakers for background music.

Their 1/3 and 1/4 rack sizes allows multiple units to be installed side by side in a rack, whilst only taking up one unit of rack space.

Alternatively, if a rack isn’t being installed, which can be typical in smaller installations, these units can be easily mounted on desks, under desks, in closets, air spaces and more.