Zone Mix 761

The Zone Mix 761 is a cost-effective DSP devoted to paging and background music control.  Paging into six zones from three microphone locations, plus emergency page, with automatic ducking and priority arbitration.

Zone Mix 761 is a Turn-Key solution which means Symetrix has done all the hard work. Plenty of inputs and outputs, the right kind of connectors, and a pre-designed GUI make for lightning-fast installations.

All twelve input and six output channels feature a full complement of processing including: dynamics, feedback elimination, ambient noise sensing, EQ, and loudspeaker management resulting in a world class audio experience.

Control has been made easy with Zone Mix, with multiple options including ARC wall panels and the ARC-WEB browser interface.

Symetrix - Zone Mix 761 - Fixed I/O DSP

Symetrix - Jupiter - Fixed I/O DSP


Jupiter packages powerful DSP into a zero-learning curve, turn-key family of audio processors. Standing on the shoulders of Symetrix’ world-class open architecture DSP platforms, Jupiter upholds our commitment to pristine sound.

Jupiter is available in three audio input / output options: Jupiter 4 (4 in, 4 out), Jupiter 8 (8 in, 8 out) and Jupiter 12 (12 in, 12 out). Near zero programming time on the Jupiter slashes installation time and costs, and with over 70 turn-key apps including mixing and routing, sound reinforcement, and DSP, all the heaving lifting has been done for you.

An abundance of DSP resources power apps are packed with features like EQ, FIR filters and auto mixing, guaranteeing incredible sounding audio.

Solus NX

Designed to serve in standalone DSP applications – those not requiring Dante network audio – the Solus NX series features the same DSP power and delay memory as Symetrix’ Radius, Prism, and Edge DSPs.

Solus is available in three audio input / output options: Solus NX 4×4 (4 in, 4 out), Solus NX 8×8 (8 in, 8 out) and Solus NX 16×8 (16 in, 8 out.).

This powerful and efficient DSP is configured using the award-winning Composer software, that eliminates the need for multiple software applications and allows you to route, process and control audio in nearly an unlimited number of ways.

Multiple control options for Solus include the ARC wall panels, ARC-3 and the ARC-WEB browser.

Symetrix - Solus NX - Fixed I/O DSP