Radius NX

A universal DSP building block, Radius NX processors feature a configurable I/O option card slot, 64×64 Dante, 8×8 USB soundcard, in addition to analogue mic / line inputs and analogue outputs. Two models are available for Radius: Radius NX 12×8 (12 in, 8 out) and Radius NX 4×4 (4 in, 4 out).

Radius NX can be specified with dedicated AEC co-processors for use in both audio and video conferencing applications. This powerful DSP is configured using the award-winning Composer software, which can process audio and control signals in nearly an infinite number of ways.

The addition of the versatile option card slot reduces total system costs by maximising the number of inputs and outputs in a single 1U DSP.

Symetrix - Radius NX - Networkable Flexible DSP

Symetrix - Edge - Networkable Flexible DSP


For projects of any size, Dante digital audio over Ethernet is an industry standard method used to interconnect Radius, Prism and Edge DSPs, Symetrix analogue I/O expanders and a growing select range of 3rd party Dante devices.

Along with a 64×64 Dante interface, the Edge DSP includes 4 user configurable card slots supporting an array of versatile cards. An on-board 10/100 and gigabit switch on the Radius and Edge DSPs lowers system cost, reduces complexity, and helps eliminate 3rd party peripherals, whilst also increasing system reliability.

Edge is configured using the award-winning Composer software, that has the ability to natively configure Symetrix and 3rd party Dante hardware, plus configure audio and control in an infinite number of ways.