Unite is a digital wireless communication system that allows people to communicate and interact with each other in a wide range of applications such as guided tours, wireless presentations, assistive listening and blind coverage, education and interpretation and language distribution.

This digital platform opens up to new possibilities for improved dialogue between people, regardless of when, where and how they wish to communicate. Unite connects people – even over larger distances, language barriers or with sensory disabilities.

The future-proof, wireless transmission platform in DECT standard means the system can be used without certification and licence fees. You need not to worry about frequencies – that are region-dependent – as the system itself automatically controls robust and encrypted transmission. This allows up to 32 groups to be integrated in parallel, and its wide operating range and long operating time offer completely stable transmission conditions.

Televic - Confero MEET


Today and in the future, hybrid meetings will present new challenges to institutions, governments, courts and corporate meeting rooms.

The current online meeting tools lack a lot functionalities for officially moderated meetings. Televic Conference helps tackle these challenges, with wired and wireless solutions.

Confero MEET offers an excellent solution to these problems with the possibility to: integrate remote and physical participants, ask for the floor, vote, see voting results, check attendance, access the agenda, and automatic camera focus on who is speaking, whether they’re online or in the room.

On top of this, Confero MEET offers extra services to the end customer, such as providing meeting reports and analysis.

Televic - Confidea Flex G4

Wireless Conferencing

100% cable and worry free conferencing with Televic Confidea FLEX G4 wireless conferencing systems!

Confidea FLEX G4 is Televic’s newest flagship solution, offering unparalleled flexibility in the number of participants, conferencing options over different rooms and configurations.

Each FLEX delegate features a full colour touchscreen with haptic feedback to provide rich information to meeting participants.

Confidea G4 is the most robust and secure wireless conferencing system available on the market today.

Televic - Plixus Network - Wired Conferencing

Wired Conferencing

Televic are pioneers in the wireless discussion system market and continue to push the boundaries of audio and now video solutions.

With a product range offering encompassing tabletop, flush and custom panels, Televic can populate a solution with a mixture of products to create the correct end user experience.

Following market trends and partnering with leaders such as Dante, Plixus is such a solution – 6 full-HD video streams, audio, data, and power all down a single network cable.

Televic are the only manufacturer who can seamlessly integrate all these aspects into a simple and intuitive interface – uniCOS.

Televic D-Cerno digital delegate conference microphone discussion system


Bring participants in smaller and medium-sized meetings close together with plug-and-play microphone discussion systems like D-Cerno.

Designed to work right out of the box simply by connecting all units to the central engine, D-Cerno makes it easy to get your message across. Enjoy the benefits of large discussion systems in a simple and easy-to-use package.

The D-Cerno microphone discussion units give participants clear and crisp digital sound in a sleek and compact form factor, in addition to tactile buttons and braille indicators ensuring users have maximum comfort.

Delegate and chairman models available, with the chairman unit featuring dedicated next-in-line and priority buttons.

Televic - T-Cam Camera Tracking Solutions

Camera Tracking Solutions

The T-Cam Camera Tracking package is a complete and out-of-the-box solution for conference camera tracking.

The system allows straightforward installation, fast configuration, and integration of a camera tracking system with any Televic Conference system.

The T-Cam Camera Tracking Solution comes in 3 different packages, depending on the number of cameras required and the option for a name overlay. The Basic T-Cam package features 2 IP-CAM50 cameras, a preview capture card, and a video switcher, and this can be extended with the IP-CAM50 and T-Cam Name Overlay add-ons.

Televic - Lingua

IR Language Distribution

Making sure the message is loud and clear is one thing, but getting the audience on the same wavelength is another.

That’s why you want participants to capture every detail of the meeting in their native language. But working with dozens of languages and distributing the interpretation to each participant in a secure, reliable, and flexible way is often a challenge.

Televic’s Lingua Infrared was developed to allow every participant to enjoy the speaker’s message at his or her fingertips, with comfort and clarity. Installers enjoy an easy and flexible way to setup the system, and IT managers don’t need to worry about any interference with the network.

Televic - CoCon Discussion - Software


Every meeting room needs a different set of control and management tools, depending on the size, the room or the number of participants. That’s why the CoCon flexible module architecture gets you exactly what you need.

Combine all modules for complex multilingual meetings, or just use the ones you need to get the discussion going. From smaller venues to the largest and most complex conference rooms, CoCon was built to scale and to perform. Use T-ReX to record meetings in 1-2-3, and get participants a BYOD tablet solution with Congressify.