With Unite, you can organize modern, interactive tours for your guests. The digital system allows for questions from the audience, the integration of a second and third guide, and even the use of sound from external devices.

The transmitters and receivers are optimized for speech so that your guests can enjoy optimum intelligibility. With Unite, you never have to worry about frequencies. This future-proof system transmits using the registration and license-free DECT standard, and frequency management is automatic.

Televic Unite two-way digital tour guide system

Televic Wireless DECT microphone. Handheld and bodypack.

Wireless Microphone

With the DECT based Unite, you don’t have to worry about frequencies: no registration, no license fees, and automatic frequency management. Digital, noiseless transmission and intelligent DSP algorithms mean the system is perfect for speech applications.

The Unite access point makes it possible for four wireless microphones to be used simultaneously. Four audio signals from the microphone can be transmitted via Dante or an analog connection to an external device such as a DSP or amplifier. At the same time, each speaker can receive an external audio signal e.g. from an interpreter.

The synchronization of up to eight access points makes up to 32 channels possible. By reducing transmission power, parallel operation is possible in a nearly unlimited number of rooms.

Hearing Assistance

To better accomodate those with hearing impairments, the Unite system can be easily retrofitted, even if the building is listed or there are unpredictable structural factors. With Unite and the connectable inductive loop IL 200, you will ensure that your events and presentations are barrier-free. Low latency makes lip-sync transmission possible.

For the visually impaired, Unite can simply and effectively be used to transmit of audio description in theatre, cinema and sporting venues. Besides its high speech intelligibility, the system has a high operating range and high volume that can be individually adjusted.

Televic Unite Hearing Assistance and Audio Description System

Televic Unite two-way digital tour guide system

Interpretation & Language Distribution

Unite is your modern alternative to infrared interpreting technology, requiring significantly less planning and installation effort. Unite can transmit up to 32 languages in parallel. It is reliable thanks to high operating range, long operating time, noiseless digital transmission and automatic frequency management. With the highest AES 256-bit encryption standard, this digital system is also tap-proof. Unite is the perfect complement to your Plixus Lingua ID interpretation system thanks to its multifunctionality.

In case of small groups/meetings/guided tours, a whisper interpreter can translate discretely to the participants with the Unite wireless handheld microphone Unite TH. The participants can switch between the current speaker equipped with a Unite transmitter and the interpreting channels. Whisper interpretation can be performed, and listened to, via a bodypack receiver without the use of the AP4 access point. Two interpreters can alternate thanks to a second transmitter that can be integrated.