The Plixus Network

Conference venues are mission-critical environments that requires high performance, security and reliability. For those reasons – Televic developed Plixus, a dedicated network technology for both audio and video.

Plixus is used to maximise the available bandwidth so that there is no need to compromise on quality. 64 channels of audio are passed uncompressed over the network and 1080p/60 video travels with an extremely low latency!

Viruses and rogue IP connections have no access to the mission-critical part of the system, due to a strict separation between the conference data and IP traffic. If there’s a failure on the route between the Plixus Engine and delegate unit, Plixus will self-correct and calculate a route so data still reaches its intended destination.

Televic - Plixus Network - Wired Conferencing

Televic - UniCOS - Wired Conferencing

UniCOS - Multimedia Conferencing

The UniCOS conference unit is equipped with a capacitive 7″ touch screen that adds interactivity to your conference system. The interface is intuitive and gives access to a range of functionalities, such as: video selection, delegate information, agenda, voting, messaging and more.

The UniCOS systems allows low latency, HD video to be transported over the Plixus network. The delegates can watch a close up of the speaker or see other material on the touch screen. The transport delay added by Plixus is less than one frame, so lip-sync can be preserved when looking at a live image from the conference room.

The UniCOS system offers the delegate a multitude of possibilities, enriching the meeting experience and making it more efficient.

Televic Touchscreen Conferencing Delegate Unit

Confidea FLEX - The Flexible Touchscreen Conference Device

The Confidea FLEX delegate unit comes with a 5.2″ touch screen for dynamic information, an integrated speaker, a microphone connector, an NFC badge reader, microphone buttons with hidden LED lights and braille guides. The device works with the architecture of the Plixus network and can be combined with other systems. Its slim and modern design make it feel at home anywhere.

Functions can easily be added via licenses which can enable voting, RFID card identification, language distribution and dual-delegate use.

Confidea F - Flush Mount Conference Units

Confidea F is a range of Plixus powered conference panels, designed specifically for easy and flush integration into the furniture of council chambers, boardrooms, meeting rooms, auditoria, and parliamentary debating rooms.

The full range of 11 different models allows users to create a solution tailored to the needs of any application, with models for basic discussion, for applications that include electronic voting, for high-end applications that include simultaneous interpretation and more.

With Confidea F, you can create the ideal meeting environment with the conference equipment integrated flush into the furniture.

Televic - Confidea F - Wired Conferencing