Confidea WAP G4 - Wireless Central Unit

Based on standard WiFi5 technology, the system uses a combination of advanced techniques to improve the quality and reliability of the signal reception. This results in a stability that is unique in the wireless conferencing market.

The solution functions flawlessly in any meeting environment and co-exists in perfect harmony with other wireless systems. With a built-in clean channel manager and DFS scanning support, Confidea Flex G4 is able to identify the clearest channel at any given time.

The access point comes included with the powerful zero install Confero software. Confero’s quick setup wizard enables a smooth configuration of the system in just a few easy steps, making installation very easy.

Televic - Confidea Flex G4 WAP

Televic - Confidea Flex G4 Delegate

Confidea FLEX G4 Delegate Unit

The Confidea Flex G4 touch screen gives you additional control and information, such as: agenda and voting. As well as looking different, Confidea Flex G4 feels different too. For special interactions like voting, the display uses haptic feedback which vibrates when the screen is touched. This will provide an extra layer in confidence when casting a vote.

By using a flexible, software-based license system, Confidea Flex G4 wireless easily adapts to the meeting or the venue. From a basic audio discussion to complex, multilingual meetings with video distribution. Activating and deactivating a license is possible with single tap.

  • Light up buttons depending on the functionality
  • Change the priority of a unit in a snap
  • Easily add or remove functionality with a license