touchONE-M Reservation Panel

Reservation Panels

Quick and easy reservation of a room using an interactive wall or table-top touch panel.

Display the status of the room, upcoming reservations, meeting information, and prolong/cancel future meetings all from the touch panels themselves.

Compatible with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and more, users can book out rooms either via the touchscreen on the device, or from their own smart devices.

Two variations of reservation panel are available, each offering wall mount capabilities and one offering both wall and tabletop mounting. The touchONE-M is strictly for wall mounting and is available in three screen sizes, whereas the touchONE-4 is a fixed size for flexible installation.



A simple workplace interface connected to a network infrastructure with PoE, that includes status indication (green for free, red for reserved), a place for the table identification (name and QR code), and two button – one for reservation, second for leaving the workplace.

The touchONE-desk-55 can either be used as a standalone device, or it can be integrated into interconnection boxes. In the latter case, a very compact and complex workplace solution can be otained.

touchONE-desk-55 is fully compatible with Office 365 and Exchange calendar servers. Every workplace has its own calendar, and it’s represented by a QR code. Reservation is made by Outlook, by mobile application using a QR code or directly using buttons on the interface itself.

touchONE - Info Mode

Info Mode Application

touchONE’s Info Mode allows users to get the absolute most out of their reservation panels.

Info Mode offers support for simple digital signage functionality and is especially suitable for internal company presentations. When a reservation panel has been idol for a sustained period of time, Info Mode is activated automatically and displays a pre-loaded slideshow of images.

This allows users to display company messages, employee notices, advertisements, schedules etc. whilst the panels aren’t in use. To return to the reservation panel from Info Mode, simply tap the screen and you’ll be able to use all the functions of the panel.

touchONE - Software


The touchONE ecosystem extends the capabilities of the reservation panels and makes them far more flexible and in some cases, easy to use and to manage.

touchONE-admin provides easy administration of reservation system units and are linked to a group called Reservation Suite. Units connected to the same Reservation Suite share their settings i.e., if you need to change the user account password, you only need to do it on one panel.

touchONE-assist, as part of the touchONE ecosystem, is a user-friendly tool for quick and easy search and reservation of meeting rooms, workspaces, and other shared resources. In addition to reserving rooms or spaces, touchONE-assist also allows you to cancel any upcoming reservations.

touchONE - Overview and Management

Interfaces & Players

touchONEs interfaces and players are available to assist and expand the capabilities of its reservation and touchONE-desk-55 systems.

Players such as the touchONE-overview allows users to display the state of several rooms on a LCD TV or projector via a HDMI connection, whereas the touchONE-manager is a dedicated unit for on-premises administration and analysis of all reservation devices connected to the same Reservation Suite.

touchONE - NFC Module

Touch Panel NFC Reader

The NFC Module is an expansion accessory for the touchONE panels. The module enables the use of NFC technology in the touchONE reservation system.

Compatible with the touchONE-7-M and touchONE-10-M, the NFC Module is simple to install to a touch panel using a connector a 2 installation holes.

To set up the NFC functions in the touchONE reservation system, it is necessary to use the touchONE-admin management system. Functions of using NFC in the control system are available as part of the Cue Visual Composer programming tool.