For easy administration of reservation system units, these units are linked to a group called Reservation Suite. Units connected to the same Reservation Suite share their settings, e.g., if you need to change the user account password, you can do it on one panel and all other ones in the suite will adopt the change automatically.

During the administration, the entire reservation suite is centrally managed through the front-end application, with touchONE-admin running in a standard web browser. The touchONE-admin also has other features, such as analytics and room utilisation statistics.

touchONE-admin - Ecosystem

touchONE-assist - Ecosystem


The touchONE-assist as part of the touchONE ecosystem, is a user-friendly tool for quick and easy search, and reservation of meeting rooms, workplaces, and other shared resources. The user logs into the system using their standard account through the Microsoft interface and has a dashboard as well as an overview of their own reservations. Reservations can be cancelled in this overview.

A wide range of filters makes it possible to find suitable resources exactly according to user requirements. The basis is a time filter, where the user selects a time window for booking. Additional filters allow you to select the desired locations (state, city, building) and areas (floors) to search for rooms and workplaces.