The touchONE-concentrator is compatible with touchONE-desk-55 interfaces. It communicates with calendar servers and makes it possible to manage centrally all workplace reservation units using web-browser.

For easy administration of touchONE-desk-55 units, these units are linked to a group called reservation suite. Each touchONE-concentrator can serve for up to 100 touchONE -desk-55 units.

For the touchONE-concentrator to work, it must be plugged into the same LAN as the other units of the reservation suite.


For easy administration of reservation system units, these units are linked to Reservation Suite. Units connected to the same Reservation Suite share their settings e.g., the changing of account passwords to all units.

During on-premises administration, the entire reservation suite is centrally managed through the web interface of the touchONE-manager unit. The touchONE-manager device must be plugged into the same LAN as the other units of the Reservation Suite. the manager device also has other features, such as analytics and room utilisation statistics.


The touchONE-overview unit makes it possible to join a large display that will show the states of several rooms at once, e.g., at receptions.

The player is enclosed in a compact chassis and can be easily integrated to display devices, such as LCD TVs or projectors with a display output up to HDMI 2.0.