touchONE-M Reservation Panels

The touchONE-M is a wired on-wall reservation panel, offering a clean modern design with edge-to-edge front glass and a sleek aluminium body. It is an ideal reservation panel for meeting places of all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a standard meeting room, boardroom, lecture hall, auditorium, sports centre and more. The panel is delivered with dedicated reservation applications, and it works as a direct client for calendar systems Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange or Google G Suite.

The touchONE-M is available in three variants, each offering a different sized touchscreen – 7″, 10.1″ or 12.1″. Single cable Ethernet connection provides easy network integration and installation.

touchONE - M - Reservation Panels

touchONE-4 - Reservation Panels

touchONE-4 Reservation Panels

The touchONE-4 is a wired reservation interface for desktop, desk divider, or on-wall installation. It offers a modern design with a black plastic body and a touch LCD display. It’s the ideal booking user interface for any workplace and all variants of meeting spaces. The units come with a dedicated booking application fully compatible with Office 365 and Exchange calendar servers.

The simple workplace interface connected to the network infrastructure offers an indication of the workplace status (green for free, red for reserved), space for table identification (name and QR code), and button for booking the workplace, extending the reservation, and leaving the workplace.

Reservations can be made using Outlook, a QR code, or via the touchONE-4 directly.