In Ceiling Loudspeakers

TruAudio introduced a range of in-ceiling loudspeakers designed to elevate residential audio experiences. The lineup includes four unique series: the REV Series, offering powerful cinema surround sound with an emphasis on blending seamlessly into your home’s interior; the Shadow Series, perfect for volume-based audio needs, with a modern design and moisture-resistant features; the Phantom Series, which strikes a balance between sound quality and affordability, with customizable options and high-grade components; and the Ghost™ Series, the latest addition, offering warmer tones and a remarkably reduced reveal depth into living spaces. Each series reflects a commitment to audio innovation that ensures your sound is discreet but impactful, all under the banner of “Heard but not seen™.”

In Wall Loudspeakers

TruAudio offers a diverse range of in-wall loudspeakers for residential installations, catering to those who value both exceptional sound quality and aesthetic appeal.

The Wraith Series, equipped with exclusive exciter technology, provides an immersive listening experience and seamlessly fits into various living spaces, suitable for multi-room audio and surround sound setups. The Select Series S63i delivers powerful audio with (2) 6.5″ mid-bass drivers and (3) 1″ silk dome tweeters, featuring an attractive matte black design. The Elite Series, designed to replicate cinematic audio, comes in two models and incorporates TruAudio’s innovative TruGrip™ technology for an efficient installation process. The GHT Series offers in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with voice and timbre matching, allowing for custom soundstage direction.

To complete a comprehensive home theater experience, TruAudio provides in-room and in-wall subwoofer options for low-frequency audio requirements.


Subwoofers from various series offer an impressive range of audio solutions. The Select Series W12 subwoofer boasts dual 12” aluminum woofers with multi-radius rubber surrounds, innovative axially aligned drivers, and a 700-watt ICE amplifier for an F3 rating of 22Hz and a continuous output of 115dB, all elegantly presented in a satin black finish. The TruAudio CSUB Series presents a blend of compact design and engineering excellence, offering up to 350 watts of power within a semi-gloss cube that seamlessly integrates with decor. The Slot Sub stands out with its innovative amplifier, forward-facing port design, and two-tone finish, ensuring deep bass extension and a versatile mounting option. Subwoofer enthusiasts can now enjoy a range of stylish and high-performance audio solutions for their setups.

Outdoor Loudspeakers

Introducing a range of outdoor loudspeakers, these series offer exceptional audio solutions for various open-air settings. The OP Outdoor speaker, with its 2-way weather-proof design, features a high-power polypropylene woofer and 1″ silk soft dome tweeter, ensuring great sound even in wide-open spaces. The new Swivot Technology mounting system grants flexibility in directing the sound precisely where you desire, and the wedge-shaped cabinet allows for horizontal or vertical mounting. TruAudio’s Acoustiscape speakers, available in multiple versions, effortlessly blend into any landscape while delivering rich sound and impressive volume. The Hardscape Subwoofer expands the Luxury Outdoor Sound series, providing deeper bass in outdoor areas where an underground subwoofer is impractical. Finally, the SubTerrain subwoofers are designed to be buried in the ground, offering a seamless outdoor listening experience with robust bass that harmoniously integrates into any outdoor setting.


Amplifiers are the backbone of any sound system, and TruAudio offers a diverse range of amplifiers to cater to various audio needs. The 2-channel class D power amplifier stands out for its versatility, offering mono or stereo speaker outputs and compatibility with 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers. It’s budget-friendly and can be easily integrated with TV and control systems, making it a versatile choice for enhancing your audio setup. The 12-channel power amplifier is a multi-room audio solution, delivering flexibility and high-quality sound. Its individual input sensitivity control, bridging capabilities, and torroid transformers ensure optimum performance. The revolutionary D16 Amplifier boasts eight-zone flexibility and 16 channels of high-performance class D power. It’s equipped with features like Anti-Clipping Protection and Fault Safety circuitry, offering impressive performance and reliability. Lastly, the TRU-S500DSP is the latest addition, a 500-watt DSP amplifier that seamlessly works with a variety of TruAudio’s passive subwoofers, elevating your audio system to new heights. TruAudio’s amplifiers ensure you can enjoy exceptional sound quality tailored to your specific needs.