T Series

This 2-channel class D power amplifier is a versatile audio solution offering both mono and stereo speaker outputs, with support for 4-ohm and 8-ohm speaker configurations. The addition of stereo looping outputs allows you to daisy-chain amplifiers, effectively expanding your audio zones.

This budget-friendly amplifier is compatible with dual voltage (110V/220V) and can be conveniently programmed to work with various TVs and control systems. To enhance your audio setup, it offers the option to add bass with the sub-out. The package includes an IR remote and wall-mount brackets, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly audio experience.


TruAudio’s 12-channel power amplifier offers an ideal solution for multi-room audio installations that demand both flexibility and top-notch sound quality. With its sleek design and versatile features, this well-constructed amplifier enhances your audio setup and can be tailored to suit any system.

Notable features include individual input sensitivity control for each channel, local source input for each channel, and BUS 1 and BUS 2 source inputs. It also supports bridging between channels and in and out triggers. Specially designed toroidal transformers effectively reduce heat build-up, ensuring the amplifier’s long life. Compatible with a variety of controller brands, this 12-channel amplifier guarantees audiophile sound quality and maximizes your overall listening experience.


The D16 Amplifier represents a groundbreaking departure from traditional amplifier designs. This innovative eight-zone amplifier is equipped with a remarkable 16 channels of high-performance class D power. Impressively, all 16 channels deliver 75 watts at 8Ω and 150 watts at 4Ω with an all channels driven rating.

Furthermore, when bridging a zone, you can achieve an impressive 150 watts of power at 8Ω without compromising power from other zones. Much like the A75, the D16 includes Anti-Clipping Protection and Fault Safety circuitry for added reliability. Each of the eight zones also features an RCA subwoofer output with a built-in adjustable crossover, enhancing its versatility and performance.


TruAudio’s latest amplifier, the TRU-S500DSP, offers a world of possibilities at your disposal. It seamlessly complements all five of TruAudio’s passive subwoofers, including the Trident, Trunami, SubTerrain 12, SubTerrain 10, and the RK SUB.

This 500-watt DSP amplifier is rack mountable and features a slim 1U chassis, along with both balanced XLR and RCA inputs. By upgrading to the TRU-S500DSP, you can elevate your audio system to an entirely new level, unlocking a range of audio possibilities and performance enhancements.