REV Series

The REV Series from TruAudio was meticulously crafted to recreate the immersive cinema experience, delivering robust surround sound and professional audio quality. These home theater speakers seamlessly integrate into your living space, thanks to their Ghost-style frameless grill. Notably, they feature a smartly designed angled housing that rotates and an adjustable mid-range tweeter bridge, ensuring the sound is directed precisely to your preferred listening area.

Recognizing its innovative design and value, the REV Series received several accolades, including the “Product of the Year” award from Electronic House.

Ghost Series

The Ghost™ Series by TruAudio has undergone a complete transformation, not only in its appearance but also in its performance and functionality. Additionally, the series has embraced eco-conscious principles with updated, low-impact packaging. One of the notable enhancements is the shift from 6.5” and 8” speakers to 7” and 9” woofers, resulting in richer and warmer audio tones for your living space.

Furthermore, the 9” model now boasts a 3-way design, featuring a pivoting tweeter and mid-range, coupled with a fixed woofer, for a more immersive sound experience. Perhaps the most remarkable improvement is the reduction in the depth of the speakers’ reveal into your living space by 40%, allowing them to essentially blend seamlessly into the ceiling. The Ghost Series truly embodies the concept of being “Heard but not seen™.”


For those seeking exceptional sound quality that resonates throughout their home, while also desiring a design that complements their lifestyle, TruAudio’s Phantom series was precisely crafted with these considerations in mind. The Phantom line boasts glass and polypropylene woofers, ensuring precise sound reproduction and clarity, alongside a 1″ swivel tweeter that efficiently disperses clear sound over a wide area.

Notably, the series incorporates a top-tier crossover, featuring oxygen-free copper inductors, high-watt ceramic resistors, and premium capacitors. With moisture-resistant properties, these speakers can be effortlessly installed in various areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and under outdoor eaves. To ensure a seamless fit in your space, the magnetic Ghost-style frameless grill features an ultra-thin 2mm reveal, with the added option of paintable grills for customization. Optional square grills are also available, embodying the essence of “Heard but not seen™.”

Shadow Series

The Shadow Series, a creation of TruAudio, emerged in response to the demand for volume-centric speakers featuring our innovative Ghost™-style frameless grill. Not only does this series offer an appealing price point, but it also embodies a contemporary aesthetic that perfectly complements modern living spaces. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Shadow Series facilitates straightforward installations, making it an ideal choice for apartments, skyscrapers, hotels, and large-scale projects.

In addition to its convenience and style, these speakers are moisture-resistant, enabling their installation in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor eaves. Much like our philosophy, the Shadow Series ensures that audio remains “Heard but not seen™,” seamlessly blending into the surroundings.

IC SUB - In Ceiling Subwoofer

The IC-SUB-8, is a compact 8” passive in-ceiling subwoofer designed to discreetly enhance the low-frequency response of your room’s speakers. With the capability to handle up to 150 watts of power, this subwoofer delivers a warm and rich low-end that will captivate your customers.

Installation is a breeze with its “Quick-Connect Ready” feature, allowing installers to seamlessly integrate this in-ceiling subwoofer into any environment. Prepare to elevate your audio experience with ease and convenience.

Bandpass - In Ceiling Subwoofer

Take your home theater installation to the next level with TruAudio’s latest 12″ in-ceiling subwoofer. Engineered with a bandpass design, it’s optimized to efficiently move a significant amount of air through a port tube, resulting in deep and impactful bass, even at higher volume levels.

To ensure a unified appearance with your other speakers, this subwoofer is seamlessly complemented by TruAudio’s signature Ghost-style frameless grill. Experience a superior audio experience that not only sounds impressive but also seamlessly integrates into your living space.