Wraith Series

The Wraith Series by TruAudio represents a new standard in homes where exceptional audio quality and aesthetic appeal are paramount. This series harnesses proprietary exciter technology to deliver a captivating and dynamic listening experience.

Whether you’re seeking a versatile solution for multi-room audio or a powerful addition to your surround sound setup, the Wraith Series is designed to seamlessly integrate into any living space. These speakers and subwoofers are engineered to offer both acoustical and visual superiority, ensuring they become an invisible yet impactful part of your home audio setup.

Select Series

The in-wall LCR speaker from the Select Series, the S63i, stands as a robust audio performer. It boasts (2) 6.5” high excursion mid-bass drivers and (3) 1” silk dome tweeters arranged in a triple array configuration. Notably, this speaker incorporates patented MMAG Motor Technology and provides bi-wire support, delivering an impressive 300 watts of power, complying with EIA RS-436-B standards.

Operating with an 80-ohm impedance and an 87 dB sensitivity, it produces high-quality sound with a -3 dB point at 58 Hz. Furthermore, this speaker achieves a maximum continuous output of 111 dB with 300 watts RMS, making it an adaptable and potent audio solution, all wrapped in an attractive matte black design.

Elite Series

The Elite Series, specially crafted to recreate the immersive audio experience of a cinema in a home environment, offers two distinct models. The ELITE46 model features (2) 6.5” red carbon drivers, along with (1) 6.5” mid-range driver and a 1” titanium tweeter, all concealed behind a discreet black paintable grill. In contrast, the ELITE26 model incorporates (2) 6.5” red carbon drivers and a 1” titanium tweeter, complete with a low-profile black grill.

Both systems benefit from the user-friendly TruGrip™ toolless technology, ensuring a straightforward installation process. Notably, they are significantly more compact, with the ELITE46 being 22% smaller and the ELITE26 being 25% smaller when compared to the older B23 series, making them a practical and efficient choice for your audio setup.

GHT Series

The GHT Series by TruyAudio presents a unique audio solution, offering both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with consistent voice and timbre matching. This adaptability empowers users to craft the ideal home theater setup that suits their specific needs. With the inclusion of our wave guide tweeter, you gain flexibility in directing the sound stage to seamlessly accommodate any room configuration.

To add an elegant finishing touch to these speakers, the magnetic Ghost-style frameless grill features a minimalist 2mm reveal, ensuring they blend seamlessly into your living space. And, of course, no home theater setup is truly complete without a subwoofer to handle the low-frequency audio demands—be sure to explore our in-room and in-wall options for a comprehensive audio experience.

Trunami Series - In Wall Subwoofer

In any home audio setup, bass plays a crucial role in delivering a rich and immersive sound experience. Recognizing the importance of high-quality bass without compromising your living space, we have introduced our Trunami in-wall subwoofer. This innovative design is crafted to seamlessly fit between two wall studs, providing you with a powerful bass experience that can be felt but not seen.

Engineered to respond to the bass energy generated by the woofer, the Trunami subwoofer is acoustically tuned to extend the low-end frequencies, reaching a full -3dB at 32Hz when positioned mid-wall near the floor. To ensure a discreet integration into your living environment, the magnetic Ghost-style frameless grill adds a finishing touch, featuring a subtle 2mm reveal and allowing for paint customization to perfectly blend into your decor. With Trunami, you can enjoy exceptional bass performance without compromising the aesthetics of your space.