Select Series

The Select Series W12 subwoofer is a powerhouse in the world of audio, featuring dual 12″ aluminum woofers equipped with multi-radius rubber surrounds that allow for extended cone travel. Its ingenious design, including axially aligned opposing 12″ drivers, ensures maximum output capability.

This subwoofer boasts a substantial 3″ diameter voice coil and motor assembly, resulting in an impressive F3 rating of 22Hz and is powered by a robust 700-watt internal ICE amplifier, providing a continuous output of 115dB. The W12 subwoofer offers exceptional versatility with XLR and RCA inputs, operating across 100-240VAC at 50/60 Hz. With its sleek satin black finish, it not only delivers high-performance sound but also adds a touch of style to any audio setup.

Compact Series

The TruAudio CSUB Series combines a sleek and compact design with impressive engineering, challenging the norms of subwoofers. This semigloss cube boasts exceptional craftsmanship that seamlessly integrates with your decor, while its internal components deliver precisely tuned, impactful bass.

With a power output of up to 350 watts, it ensures you can truly experience the depth of your audio. TruAudio dealers are enthusiastic about the cSubs, highlighting their remarkable performance.

Slot Series

The Slot Sub introduces a recently redesigned amplifier that ensures the efficient and dependable delivery of high-powered audio. Its forward-firing port design optimizes airflow, effectively reducing port noise and enabling remarkable deep bass extension. Advanced circuitry is incorporated to eliminate the risk of grounding noise.

The subwoofer’s design showcases a high-end two-tone finish with a beveled shape and a luxurious satin black paint. The front-mounted slot port adds versatility, allowing for either cabinetry or flush wall mounting, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any audio setup.