The amplifier in this system is equipped with a Class-D digital amplifier, ensuring high-quality audio output, while the 10″ Honeycomb woofer, complemented by dual acoustic ports, delivers deep and resonant bass with a frequency response as low as 25Hz. All sound enhancements, including filter settings, active EQ, and time alignment, are executed digitally through DSP circuitry, preserving audio quality and efficiency. With advanced EQ settings and wireless connectivity to any SX Soundbar or SX Speaker, this amplifier offers versatile audio capabilities. It also boasts a universal power supply, making it suitable for various power sources, and can be oriented either upright with the included stand or laid flat thanks to built-in rubber feet.”


This audio system combines three Class-D digital amplifiers, three wide dispersion BMR drivers, and two active down-firing woofers to deliver a dynamic and immersive sound experience. To set it up, you’ll need a TV with HDMI ARC or optical digital audio output, a broadband internet connection, and the VSSL app. With wireless connectivity to any 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz router, advanced EQ settings, optional Ethernet ports, and the ability to learn volume commands from any IR remote, this system offers flexibility and control. It even includes room correction capabilities for optimal sound quality when paired with an iOS device, and it can be placed on a tabletop with built-in rubber feet or wall-mounted using the included mount. Control is convenient with your TV remote or the VSSL app.


The SXSPKR speakers offer a versatile audio experience with features like wide dispersion BMR technology, 4″ active down-firing woofers, the ability to create a stereo pair for left and right channels, and the option to combine up to 8 speakers and subs for a unified audio zone, making them a great addition to your home theater setup. These speakers also support popular streaming services like Airplay 2, Google Cast, and Spotify Connect, and they’re compatible with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. With their wireless connectivity, advanced EQ settings, and multiple orientation options, the SXSPKR speakers provide a high-quality audio solution for various settings.