IR Kits

Xantech offers a range of advanced IR receiver kits, including the XT-DL-IRK with an 80-foot standard range, compatibility with various devices, and a BOT 1.0 Break Out Terminal for extended reach. Xantech’s IR technology boasts five key advances, such as native carrier frequency transmission, superior build quality, error correction, automatic gain control, and adaptive filtering. These innovations ensure accurate signal transmission and reliability, making Xantech a top choice for IR control solutions.

IR Components

Xantech’s IR components offer versatile solutions for integrating infrared technology. The CB18 simplifies connecting home run wires from multiple IR receivers with its high current design, accommodating amplifiers up to 500 watts. Its compact size and robust screw terminals ensure efficient connectivity.

Xantech’s emitter ports and power supply units provide essential connectivity features for IR receivers and keypads, including parallel emitter ports, stereo mini jack connections, and STATUS terminals. They also feature a 2.1 mm coaxial power jack and power LED indicator for straightforward setup.

HDMI Cables

Xantech’s EX Series HDMI Cables, featuring X-GRIP Technology™, provide an exceptional solution for delivering 4K content seamlessly. These high-quality cables deliver impressive 18Gbps data transfer rates without the need for external power, ensuring a clean and professional installation process. The X-GRIP Technology™, characterized by its piano gloss finish connectors and a distinctive “X” marking, firmly secures the cables in place and simplifies the connection process.