MKM Stadium Audio Installation

The MKM Stadium in Hull got a big sound upgrade because the old system wasn’t working well. New owners wanted to improve things for fans and make the stadium better. They put in new equipment like speakers and amplifiers. Fans and managers are happy because the sound is much better, especially during halftime shows at Rugby League matches.

Elevating Sound Experience at a Restaurant & Bar in Windsor

XS Audio Visual enhanced the ambiance of the longest-running bar/restaurant in Windsor with a sophisticated audio installation. Amidst dazzling LED lights and fixtures, a Symetrix, Inc. DSP was seamlessly integrated to oversee and regulate all audio operations within the venue.

Sonic Harmony at Ffotogallery”

Spartan Audio Visual, collaborating with CUK Group, installed a sound system at Ffotogallery in Wales, catering to the gallery’s need for simplicity and flexibility in audio solutions. The system features the AUDAC Touch control system, AUDAC ATEO speakers, and Powersoft Mezzo amplifiers, providing clear audio dispersion and intuitive control.

AUDAC Symphony at Roxy HQ

Audioserv Ltd, a reputable system integrator, have completed a small yet impactful audio installation at Roxy HQ’s innovative training and entertainment space, with audio equipment supplied by CUK Group. The entire audio setup at Roxy HQ was exclusively powered by AUDAC, a testament to the brand’s reliability and quality.

Concept Taverns Williams Beer & Gin House receives an Audio Upgrade

Audioserv Ltd and CUK Group collaborated to install an impressive audio system at Concept Taverns Williams Beer & Gin House in Huddersfield. The setup featured AUDAC wall speakers powered by Powersoft Quattrocanali, all controlled by a Symetrix, Inc. processor. While designed for background volume, the system delivers exceptional sound quality, enhancing patrons’ overall experience at the venue.

Crafting Sonic Ambiance: St. Cannas Ale House Audio System Transformation

In a collaborative effort, CUK Group partnered with Spartan Audio Visual to rejuvenate the auditory landscape of St. Cannas Ale House in Cardiff. The project aimed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge audio technology to enhance audio experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Echoes of Excellence: Skylight Bar’s Unrivaled Audio Experience

MADE Worldwide AV, in collaboration with CUK Group, revolutionized the auditory landscape of Peckham with an unparalleled audio installation at Skylight Bar. The installation has established Skylight Bar as the epitome of auditory excellence, showcasing the transformative power of technology in shaping memorable social environments.

Outline’s Newton – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Joe Baker, a freelance engineer and owner of Sound Access Events near Liverpool, has seamlessly integrated the versatile Newton audio processor into his workflow, revolutionizing event production tasks. Newton’s intuitive interface and robust processing capabilities streamline system control, desk busing, and tuning, making it indispensable for Joe’s diverse projects. With recent integrations with Smaart and Dante, Joe delivers top-notch sound quality confidently across any job.

The Audio Transformation of Hawkhill Tavern

In collaboration with Audioserv Ltd and CUK Group, Hawkhill Tavern in Guiseley underwent a revolutionary audio installation. This integration aimed to provide seamless coverage and impactful sound delivery throughout the venue. The collaboration resulted in a comprehensive audio solution, setting a new standard for entertainment in Guiseley.

Enhancing Workplace Wellness

A leading organization in the corporate sector had reached out to a system integrator, Project Audio Visual, to enhance the fitness experience for its employees. The objective was to transform the office gym into an invigorating space by installing a cutting-edge audio system. Supplied by CUK Group, the system features AUDAC’s Pendant ALTI Loudspeakers and a Bluetooth Wall Controller from Symetrix, Inc.

Symetrix Jupiter at Red Sky Bar Glasgow

Jupiter Allows Red Sky Bar to Party Hard

Surrounded by some of Glasgow’s most recognisable and in some cases, interestingly named, landmarks including the Squinty Bridge, Armadillo, Hydro and Finnieston Crane, the Radisson RED has become an attraction in its own right and in no small part due to the Red Sky Bar.

Church Sound System with Symetrix Jupiter DSP

Symetrix Jupiter Enhances Audio at St Ann’s Church

Dating from the 1890s, St Ann’s church in the Welsh seaside town of Rhyl now boasts a thoroughly modern audio-visual system built around a Symetrix Jupiter audio DSP courtesy of Richard King Systems.

LPM London Upgrades Its Audio System With 1 Sound

LPM Restaurant & Bar, an upscale French and Mediterranean restaurant, in the heart of Mayfair London recently upgraded their audio system to 1 SOUND.

Powersoft Brings A Sonic Hole-In-One To Mini Golf Adventurers

Treetop Adventure Golf employs sixteen Powersoft Unica cloud-based amplifiers along with a single Mover low-frequency haptic transducer to narrate a story to its visitors.

Manchester’s Premier Late Night Haven with Gourmet Dining and Cutting-Edge Audio

Exhibition, a stylish late-night venue in Manchester, opened in late 2023 with award-winning cuisine, chic industrial decor, and a central DJ booth. Neuron Audio Visual installed a top-notch audio system, featuring 16 Vegas 10 loudspeakers and a Movie S218 subwoofer powered by two Powersoft amplifiers. Alex Morgan of Neuron AV praised Vegas 10 for its consistent coverage and stylish design, making it perfect for Exhibition.

Revolutionary Outline Newton Drives dBS Solutions’ Inventory Expansion

To meet rising audio service demand, the company added the versatile Newton device, streamlining workflows for larger systems with its flexibility and SMAART integration. Newton’s functionality enhances overall sound system performance alongside manufacturer presets.

Sky’s VIP Lounge Audio Transformation

A prominent player in the entertainment and telecommunications sector, Sky undertook a mission to elevate the top-tier guest experience at its VIP lounges situated in Leeds, Birmingham, and Wembley.

EE brings tech to life via new Experience store at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent

The company’s second concept store highlights different experiential areas and room displays, each thoughtfully designed to provide customers with a glimpse of what future living could be like. It illustrates how advanced technology and seamless connectivity can elevate their daily experiences.

EE studio expands exciting experience stores in Cardiff

EE brings the first of its new Experience stores to Cardiff’s Queen Street. Visitors will explore four carefully curated experience zones, with each demonstrating how technology and connectivity is enhancing everyday life – from gaming and relaxing, to working and learning.

Sensory Excellence at the UK’s First Digital Spa

The new flagship store, The EE Studio, is the UK’s largest telco retail space, combining physical and digital experiences to guide visitors through every stage of their connected lives.

SKY elevating experiences for VIP’s

Sky, a leader in the entertainment and telecommunications industry, embarked on a mission to enhance the premium guest experience at its VIP lounges in Leeds, Birmingham, and Wembley.

Expanding Horizons: G3 Events Joins the UK Outline Family

G3 Events specialize in organizing corporate functions, spanning from team-building activities to audiovisual and production services.

Sonic Speedways: Unleashing Motorsport Magic at the Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone Circuit, a renowned global motorsport venue, aimed to elevate its event experience by upgrading the Public Address (PA) system in specific key areas.

Enriching the UK’s Newton Family: Welcoming CS Audio on Board

Situated in the vibrant West Midlands region and with an additional presence in North Wales, CS Audio stands as an independent professional sound production company. Owner Paul Hatt’s decision to integrate Outline’s innovative Newton FPGA processor into their equipment lineup was met with certainty and enthusiasm. The acquisition, facilitated by UK distributor CUK Audio, was prompted by the industry’s resounding praise for the Newton processor.

Zinc Bar Restaurant Audio System

Zinc Cafe Bar and Grill Galvanized by Audio Upgrade

Blessed with a beautiful harbourside view and a carefully designed interior, the audio system upgrade using products from AUDAC, Powersoft and Symetrix elevate the ambience to the next level in this popular restaurant.

On the menu of M Restaurant Canary Wharf

The culinary jewel which was awarded “Restaurant of the year 2022” recently opens its arms to their new international restaurant and bar, M Restaurant Canary Wharf in Newfoundland Quay tower which overlooks the banks of the Thames and the waterways of Canary Wharf.

AUDAC takes pole position at F1 Arcade

The new, exhilarating racing game F1 Arcade is made to make EVERYONE feel like a champion. A premium F1 immersive facility that is a first for the world, it flawlessly captures the thrill and emotion of the game from the track to the city.

Outline’s Newton Among First Purchases For 22Live

22live, the UK’s newly-created ‘next generation pro-audio service provider’, founded by a group of established industry professionals, has invested in three Outline Newton units (so far) as part of their initial hire inventory and the units were supplied by UK distributor CUK Group.


Gaucho Glory

Iconic Argentinian steak restaurant GAUCHO recently opened its brand-new flagship venue in Liverpool!

We Are Parlour

A brand-new bar and pizzeria located in Warrington that serves delicious New York style pizza and good drinks wanted a new sound solution to ramp up the evening with cocktails, beers, and pizza, with live music to match.

Coyote Ugly ‘high-octane style of hospitality’ launches in Camden

Coyote Ugly Saloon is the most famous bar in the United States with 13 locations across the country. Coyote Ugly recently launched its venue in Camden, London (UK) in August 2022.

Reading Girls’ School

Academic excellence and the development of thoughtful, mindful individuals who respect and appreciate their environment are at the core of RGS.

Al-Masjid al-Saifee Mosque

In the British city of Birmingham, there are more than 160 mosques, each of which offers a distinctive form of worship for the local populace.

Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks, a well-known underground music venue in Manchester, UK, was founded in 1993.

Bodmin Jail Experience

An immersive, award-winning experience, the Bodmin Jail attraction took visitors on a 90-minute tour of the prison’s eerie and sinister past. Bodmin Jail was first built in 1779 for King George III and decommissioned in 1927.

Strike London

The oldest brewery in London now houses London’s most exclusive boutique bowling alley, which boasts a high-end, industrial design with copper fittings and exposed brick walls.

Televic pressed into action at Corby Cube

Enjoy the best-in-class wireless performance and pristine audio with the 4th generation conference solution from Televic Conference for wire-free and worry-free meetings.

Bracknell Forest Council

The size and flexibility of the room were especially taken into account when designing a Televic Confidea Flex conference system, with the chamber’s acoustics playing a significant role. The system gives Bracknell Town Council a versatile and dependable hybrid system with all the functionality to make sessions inclusive and effective in an agile setting.

Heavenly voices of Renkus-Heinz

Gloucestershire can relish every syllable with pin-drop precision, no matter how they are dispersed inside one of the largest Parish churches in England. The words, like the stone, may be ancient, but the sound is new-born.

Spartan AV Rise To An Acoustic Challenge With Help From Outline And CUK

The Llanerch Vineyard Hotel near Pontyclun in South Wales, with its beautiful surrounding grounds, is a popular venue principally for weddings but also hosting conferences, corporate events, galas, and parties.