3 March 2023

AUDAC takes pole position at F1 Arcade

The purpose of F1 Arcade was to offer a top-notch, social racing simulation experience in London. The ground-breaking idea was to provide a completely immersive racing experience throughout the entire venue, utilising the most cutting-edge technology available.

F1 Arcade is a thrilling new racing experience and a world first premium Formula One experiential venue situated in the heart of London, that aims to provide a high-end, social racing simulation experience. It perfectly recreates the excitement and emotion of the sport from the circuit to the city. 60 full motion racing simulators combined with an incredible food & cocktail menu guaranteed to satisfy both F1 fans and newcomers.

The aim was to provide a high-end, social racing simulation utilising the latest cutting-edge technology in both audio and visual – Bolton based TVC Technology Solutions alongside UK Distributor CUK Group specified a complete audio system capable of high end background music right up to pumping DJ tunes of an evening time across most Audac product groups.

To achieve the perfect acoustics within each zone, an abundance of 4” to 10” Audac VEXO loudspeakers were strategically located to provide complete audio coverage with exceptionally rich and vibrant sound. Paired with 12” high performance BASO subwoofers, which are being used in zones where stronger audio is needed. VIRO5 alongside more BASO subwoofers suited perfect for the main F1 Arcade lobby and DJ / Bar Area as they are engineered to be as compact as possible while giving the maximum performance in terms of sound quality and pressure, providing the rumbling of an F1 engine at idle for those queuing to get in – and all powered by 9 x SMQ wave dynamics amplifiers, whilst ATEO6 speakers were installed on the mezzanine areas. WP220 wall panels help move local bluetooth audio into the system for VIP party playback.

Products used

AUDAC 10 x VEXO110/B – Black version
AUDAC 21 x VEXO8/B – Black
AUDAC 1 x BASO10/B – Black version
AUDAC 10 x BASO12/B – Black version
AUDAC 9 x SMQ750 – WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier 4 x 750W
AUDAC 9 x ATEO6/B – Black version – 8Ω and 100V
AUDAC 4 x ATEO4MK2/B – Black version – 8Ω and 100V
AUDAC 2 x WP220/B – Black version
AUDAC 2 x APG20MK2 – MK2 version
AUDAC 2 x VIRO5/B – Black version – 8Ω
Symetrix Prism 16×16 with Dante DSP providing full processing and zoning
Luxul network switch
MIPRO 800 series dante microphone system with wireless handheld mics

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