8 April 2019

Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips

A complete AUDAC audio system has been installed in to Scotland’s largest fish & chip restaurant.

As part of a £3 million investment in a new site in Edinburgh, Vittoria Group, employed AUDAC partner Blue Audio to install a new sound system in the 1000 m³ site. Blue Audio based a system around the MTX48 digital zone mixer with loudspeakers chosen from the ATEO and CELO ranges.


Bertie’s is Scotland’s largest fish and chip restaurant, seating up to 300 guests in the 1000 m³ dining space in the heart of Edinburgh.

A 3 million pound investment by local restaurant operator, Vittoria Group, brought a building that had lain empty for 7 years after a fire back to life. Berties aims to re-invent the traditional chippy experience by offering not only the classic dishes but a menu full of twists on the traditional chip shop offering along with a fully stocked cocktail bar.

Local integrator, Blue Audio, installed a complete AUDAC solution for the venue’s audio system. At the heart of the system is an MTX48 zone mixer which is controlled from MWX65 wall panels. A mixture of ATEO6 wall mounted speakers and CELO8 ceiling speakers are deployed across the venue, powered and processed by WaveDynamics equipped SMQ350 amplifiers.