1 March 2024

Echoes of Excellence: Skylight Bar’s Unrivaled Audio Experience

MADE Worldwide AV, in collaboration with CUK Group, revolutionized the auditory landscape of Peckham with an unparalleled audio installation at Skylight Bar. The installation has established Skylight Bar as the epitome of auditory excellence, showcasing the transformative power of technology in shaping memorable social environments.

MADE Worldwide AV, in collaboration with CUK Group, undertook an impressive audio installation at the Skylight Bar in Peckham, setting new standards for auditory excellence in the area. The installation aimed to deliver immersive sound experiences both indoors and outdoors, ensuring that patrons could enjoy crisp audio from corner to corner.

Indoors, 17 pendant AUDAC ALTI loudspeakers were strategically positioned throughout the Skylight Bar, guaranteeing comprehensive audio coverage. The ALTI speakers, known for their exceptional clarity and fidelity, were chosen to create an immersive atmosphere conducive to socializing and relaxation. Complementing the indoor setup, 6 of AUDAC’s WX502_O speakers were deployed outdoors, offering clear and weatherproof audio dispersion for patrons enjoying the open-air ambiance.

To power this expansive audio system, Powersoft‘s compact installation amplifiers, the Mezzo 604AD, were selected for their reliability and efficiency. These amplifiers provided the necessary power to drive the speakers while maintaining high-quality sound output. The entire system was seamlessly controlled via Powersoft’s WM Touch panels, offering intuitive control and management of audio settings throughout the venue.

At the bar’s DJ set, where sound quality is paramount, a specialized setup was implemented to meet the demands of live performances and music events. Two of AUDAC’s full-range wall loudspeakers, the XENO8, combined with one of its bass reflex cabinets, the BASO 12, delivered powerful and dynamic audio experiences. Powersoft’s Quattrocanali 1204AD amplifiers powered this setup, ensuring that every beat and melody resonated with clarity and precision.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and premium audio equipment, the installation has transformed Skylight Bar into a premier destination for patrons seeking exceptional sound experiences. With its carefully curated setup and meticulous attention to detail, Skylight Bar stands as a testament to the transformative power of audio in shaping memorable social environments.