13 November 2023

Manchester’s Premier Late Night Haven with Gourmet Dining and Cutting-Edge Audio

Exhibition, a stylish late-night venue in Manchester, opened in late 2023 with award-winning cuisine, chic industrial decor, and a central DJ booth. Neuron Audio Visual installed a top-notch audio system, featuring 16 Vegas 10 loudspeakers and a Movie S218 subwoofer powered by two Powersoft amplifiers. Alex Morgan of Neuron AV praised Vegas 10 for its consistent coverage and stylish design, making it perfect for Exhibition.

Situated in the heart of Manchester and inaugurated in late 2023, Exhibition stands as a sophisticated late-night venue, boasting meticulously curated cuisine and beverages from multiple award-winning kitchens. The interior exudes classic Manchester ‘industrial chic,’ complemented by strategic lighting, an elegantly designed bar, and plush seating, creating a contemporary leisure space with a unique ambiance.

The restaurant floor showcases three independent kitchens, each recognized with awards, providing patrons with some of the finest dining experiences in Manchester. The drinks menu features the freshest beers from large copper stills, accompanied by a distinctive selection of cocktails.

The venue boasts a centrally located DJ booth, underscoring the significance of music in realizing Exhibition’s experiential vision, and this is supported by their new 360 events programme which brings some of Manchester’s best promotions and brands to a new space with a bit more class than your average nightclub. Neuron Audio Visual, a local company, was entrusted with designing, installing, and commissioning a distributed audio system using Outline Vegas-series enclosures, precisely meeting the venue’s requirements. The complete audio system was supplied by CUK Group.

Sixteen Outline Vegas 10 full-range loudspeakers strategically placed throughout the main space, with an additional four in the restrooms. A single Outline Movie S218 subwoofer supplies the low-frequency energy, chosen for its shallow depth, allowing specific placement. The impressive low-frequency extension of the Vegas 10 contributes to the overall system’s performance. The entire audio system is powered by only two Powersoft amplifiers: a Quattrocanali 8804 DSP and an Ottocanali 8K4 DSP.

Alex Morgan of Neuron AV expressed, “Outline’s Vegas 10 was ideal for this project due to its consistent coverage, high output, good LF extension, and a relatively compact and stylish enclosure. Its passive design minimized the number of amplifier channels needed, and the range of mounting options made it and the Movie S218 subwoofer the perfect choice for Exhibition.”

Products used:
16 x Outline Vegas 10
3 x Outline Vegas 4
1 x Outline Movie S218
1 x Powersoft Ottocannali 8K4 DSP
1 x Powersoft Quattrocannali 8804 DSP