23 August 2023

Sonic Speedways: Unleashing Motorsport Magic at the Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone Circuit, a renowned global motorsport venue, aimed to elevate its event experience by upgrading the Public Address (PA) system in specific key areas. Silverstone Circuit partnered with CUK Group to design and NoiseBoys to deploy a tailored PA system solution for each area.

Known as the venue for the British Grand Prix and boasting a rich history dating back to 1948, Silverstone is a globally renowned track that draws racing enthusiasts from around the globe. Spectators gather to witness the top talents of the Formula 1 world maneuvering at high speeds on this historic circuit. In an environment filled with the powerful sounds of state-of-the-art engines and the energetic cheers of the crowd, the importance of clear and concise audio cannot be overstated.

Silverstone Circuit aimed to elevate its event experience by upgrading the public address (PA) system in specific key areas. This case study highlights the implementation of a cutting-edge PA system on the Hamilton Straight, Club Corner, and Abbey sections of the circuit. The project’s success rested on addressing site-specific challenges, strategic planning, and seamless integration, resulting in improved audio communication and enhanced spectator engagement.

Upon reaching out to CUK, Silverstone received a recommendation for NoiseBoys as the preferred integrator for the project. Commenting on the project, Phill Beynon, director of NoiseBoys Technologies, mentioned, “This project arrived at our door via CUK”. We were given a kit list from CUK, who had carried out a lot of the design, been to the track, and plotted out how many horns we would need. This was very handy for us, as they gave us the specs, and we got to work.”

The installation, as specified by CUK and executed through a collaborative effort between Silverstone and NoiseBoys, marks the initial and crucial phase of Silverstone’s renovation. This installation serves as the foundation for a new sound system, catering to both entertainment and emergency evacuation needs. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive back-end system to facilitate the seamless integration of additional loudspeakers throughout the venue.

Silverstone Circuit’s commitment to excellence led to a targeted upgrade of the PA system in areas critical for spectator experience: the Hamilton Straight, Club Corner, and Abbey. These locations were chosen due to their strategic importance and high spectator traffic during events, especially the Formula One British Grand Prix.

The foundation of the system consists of 61 Audac HS208T, 8-inch horn speakers paired with Powersoft amplifiers strategically positioned in the grandstand areas at Silverstone. Installed on the front canopy of the grandstands, these speakers enhance sound quality and clarity, marking a significant improvement for Silverstone, according to Beynon.

NoiseBoys implemented a new rack behind one of the grandstands, facilitating Dante connectivity over Silverstone’s fiber infrastructure for the Powersoft amplifiers. Despite the amplifiers being located near the speakers, 6mm armored cables are still necessary due to the vast distances of the track. Beynon notes, “We provided amps for all the new speakers, along with a Symetrix back-end covering the entire track for easy amp and loudspeaker swaps in future phases.”

The Symetrix Prism DSP processors, along with X-in and X-out boxes, interface with Silverstone’s existing system, ensuring smooth operation while preparing for upcoming upgrades. Beynon emphasizes, “There’s a scalable Symetrix system with Luxul switches attached, capable of servicing Silverstone’s current operating areas.” The future phases will focus on replacing loudspeakers and amps in different grandstands, facilitated by a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Silverstone now boasts enhanced functionality, providing an unparalleled sound experience for its premier events. Beynon concludes, “The way that the interface worked out and the way that the system works together as a whole is a key highlight for us. We finished our install three weeks before the Grand Prix, which was a tremendous feeling to have the system up and running. We supported the Grand Prix weekend remotely, and it all went very smoothly. Knowing that three teams (CUK, Silverstone and NoiseBoys) have worked together to pull a project like this together smoothly and on time before such a critical deadline is a real point of pride, and we’re very grateful to have been involved.”

Products used:
– 61 Audac HS208T full-range loudspeaker system engineered to provide long throw, full-range sound projection in a variety of fixed indoor and outdoor applications.
– 3 Powersoft Duecanali-480DSP+ Dante 2 x 3,000W (2 Ohms), 2 x 2,400W (4 Ohms & 100V). Integral DSP and Dante
– 2 Symetrix Prism 16x16D, 16-in, 16-out DSP, 64×64 Dante
– 1 Kindermann TD-1155 55” touch screen
– Luxul SW-610-24PR-U/AMS-1816P-U network switches

The new systems were meticulously installed, fine-tuned, and rigorously tested to guarantee audio quality, intelligibility, and seamless integration with the existing PA system.

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