14 September 2022

Televic pressed into action at Corby Cube

The Confidea FLEX G4 is proven to ensure robust, reliable, and interruption-free operation using innovative technologies. As meetings become more versatile and meeting solutions demand greater flexibility, Televic Conference launches a solution with more advanced features

Built in 2010, Corby Cube is a town hall in Corby, Northamptonshire, England. It serves as the administrative centre for North Northamptonshire Council. The structure includes a council chamber, a registered office, a public library, a theatre with 450 seats, and a studio theatre with 100 seats.

The Council Chamber at Corby Cube was in need of a new moderated conference system with electronic voting and state-of-the-art Audio Visual facilities. As a result, a decision was made to replace the Council’s current system with the new generation of Confidea Flex conference system. CUK Group offered to help out by setting up the Confidea Flex G4 by Televic for them with the T-Cam tracking camera by Televic, a Radius NX 12×8 processor by Symetrix, PMQ240 amplifiers and speakers by Audac. It is not the first time that Corby Cube have relied on a conference system by Televic.


The Televic Confidea Flex G4 offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility, conferencing options over different rooms, meeting configurations that are 100% cable and worry-free with pristine audio quality and standard Wi-Fi 5 technology which means it can perfectly co-exist with other wireless systems and operate in perfect harmony. The T-Cam Camera Tracking package is a complete and out-of-the-box solution for conference camera tracking. The system allows straightforward installation, fast configuration, and integration of a camera tracking system with any Televic Conference system.


The system has integrated perfectly with the aesthetic of their council chamber and the connectivity has been made convenient for everyone which encourages open conversation for participants.