1 March 2024

The Audio Transformation of Hawkhill Tavern

In collaboration with Audioserv Ltd and CUK Group, Hawkhill Tavern in Guiseley underwent a revolutionary audio installation. This integration aimed to provide seamless coverage and impactful sound delivery throughout the venue. The collaboration resulted in a comprehensive audio solution, setting a new standard for entertainment in Guiseley.

The Hawkhill Tavern in Guiseley had underwent a transformative audio installation by Audioserv Ltd, leveraging cutting-edge sound technology supplied by CUK Group. The project aimed to elevate the auditory experience within the venue, ensuring seamless coverage and impactful sound delivery across its diverse spaces.

Audioserv Ltd orchestrated the installation of 21 AUDAC ATEO 6s speakers strategically positioned throughout the tavern. Complementing these were 5 BASO subwoofers and 2 CIRA 730 speakers, meticulously placed to optimize sound distribution and resonance across the venue’s layout. The combination of these components promised to deliver an immersive audio experience for patrons and guests.

To power this sophisticated sound system, AUDAC’s four-channel SMQ amplifiers were deployed, providing the necessary amplification to drive the speakers with clarity and precision. The integration of advanced amplification technology ensured that every note, beat, and nuance of sound would be faithfully reproduced, enhancing the overall ambiance of the Hawkhill Tavern.

Central to the control and management of the audio setup was the Symetrix, Inc. Jupiter 8 processor, a state-of-the-art audio processing unit designed to streamline signal routing, equalization, and overall system management. The Jupiter 8 processor offered unparalleled flexibility and control, allowing for seamless adjustments and fine-tuning to meet the specific acoustic demands of the venue.

The collaboration between Audioserv Ltd and CUK Group culminated in a comprehensive audio solution that not only met but exceeded the expectations of the Hawkhill Tavern. The integration of premium sound equipment, coupled with meticulous installation and precise calibration, ensured that the venue could deliver an unparalleled audiovisual experience for its patrons, setting a new standard for entertainment and hospitality in Guiseley.