9 March 2020

This Much I’m Worth

Caymon AV racks have been incorporated in to a recent artwork by data artist and scultptor, Rachel Ara. This Much I’m Worth has been on display at the V&A.

We are still regularly get surprised by the creativity that goes into the application of our products, even humble 19″ equipment racks. A perfect example of this is the “This Much I’m Worth” artwork by leading data artist and sculptor Rachel Ara. What’s so special about this artwork? As the name suggests, it literally shows what it’s worth at all times.

The artwork uses a series of complex algorithms to continuously calculate its own sale value in Korean Won, which then gets displayed by the hand-crafted neon display. To house all of the equipment to calculate the value and the control of the neon lights, 11 Caymon OPR306A 19″ open frame racks were used. These were chosen for their aesthetic appearance and robust construction which allowed them to become part of the artwork itsef.

This amazing piece of artistic technology has already been displayed in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea and the V&A in London. To learn more about the artwork, please visit Rachel’s website.