12 April 2024

CUK Group Named Exclusive UK And Ireland Architettura Sonorora Distributor

CUK Group has secured an exclusive distribution deal for Architettura Sonora’s speaker systems in the UK and Ireland. Architettura Sonora, a division of B&C Speakers Group, specializes in high-quality audio solutions blending natural materials with innovative design. Their products include versatile indoor and outdoor speakers known for their omni-directional sound and sleek aesthetics. The partnership aims to expand AS’s presence with CUK Group’s expertise, focusing on enhancing support for clients and increasing brand awareness. Architettura Sonora’s range will be showcased at CUK Group’s new showroom in Ascot, supported by ample demonstration stock.

CUK Group has signed a deal to exclusively distribute the Architettura Sonora brand of speaker systems to residential and commercial integrators in the UK and Ireland.

Established in 2009 in Florence, Italy, and operating under the umbrella of B&C Speakers Group, Architettura Sonora (AS) is renowned for crafting top-tier audio solutions and acoustic experiences. Their expertise lies in seamlessly merging natural materials with aesthetic designs and point-source audio technology, resulting in versatile systems tailored for bespoke interiors and all-weather installations of the highest caliber.

Architettura Sonora sets itself apart by incorporating natural elements such as marble and concrete, available in various finishes, into its distinctive designs. These designs effortlessly blend into any architectural setting while creating optimal acoustic environments for their signature omni-directional audio systems. These systems boast high efficiency, minimal distortion, and feature full-range dual concentric transducers with advanced components like horn loaded Mylar diaphragm compression drivers and long excursion woofers.

The ‘Icarus’ line of 3-inch cylinder-shaped interior speakers is fixed or directable on-wall with further stand/on-ceiling options underpinned by matching stand-integrated or freestanding subwoofers. Sharing the form-factor is the Daedalus, a compact 4-inch full-range directable on-wall/on-ceiling speaker. Joining these design options, the Cylinder line of full-range omnidirectional free-standing indoor/outdoor speakers is available in a range of sizes from 450-680mm (690mm with integrated table top) and with mood lighting options. Extending the choice available, the omnidirectional Spherina range of full-range pendant/stand/floor/indoor/outdoor speakers offers subwoofer and lighting options while the similar Sphere range of indoor/outdoor speakers arrives complete with integrated stands and mood lighting options.

For where the design demands a more angular approach, the Cube range of 6.5-inch coaxial and 10-inch coaxial indoor/outdoor models is joined by a dedicated 12-inch passive subwoofer.

Commenting on the new partnership, Architettura Sonora’s Sales Director Marco Vitti says: “The collaboration with Stuart and his team was cemented with ease, as we found immediate common ground on our corporate goals. We’re embarking on this journey with great optimism, bolstered by the enthusiasm that Stuart brings to the table. We believe that CUK Group’s specialised local expertise will be instrumental in establishing a robust footprint for AS in the UK. This partnership marks a new chapter for Architettura Sonora’s expansion, promising a specialised and extensive local presence in the UK market, orchestrated by CUK Group’s expert team.”

CUK’s MD Stuart Thomson, adds: “the AS team has done a good job building the brand and sales while operating a direct sales model. However, the potential for AS is significantly greater within a supportive, brand building distributor like CUK. CUK Group’s key aims are to better support existing clients, to increase brand awareness, and to grow the integrator base in the UK and Ireland while respecting the high end, exclusive nature of AS and its products. The AS range will be represented at CUK Group’s new showroom and training facility in Ascot, supported by wide demonstration stock availability.”