18 September 2023

CUK Group to distribute Pavone Cinema Seating in UK and Ireland

AV distributor CUK Group has signed a deal to distribute the Pavone brand of cinema seating and to offer Pavone’s interior and acoustic design services to residential integrators in the UK and Ireland.

Pavone’s adaptable modular seating for media rooms is epitomized by the versatile Lancaster sofa, which offers various arrangements to suit any room. Whether you prefer a sofa of any size or desire a custom media sofa, the Lancaster can effortlessly adapt with the incorporation of straight or wedged consoles. These decorative panels are available in standard, 3D carbon fiber, or veneered marble, all encased in a stainless steel frame. The inclusion of matching decorative panels also adds an exclusive touch to each sofa, giving it a distinctive finish.

AV distributor CUK Group has signed a deal to distribute the Pavone brand of cinema seating and to offer Pavone’s interior and acoustic design services to residential integrators in the UK and Ireland.

Pavone is recognized for its comprehensive expertise in luxury cinema design, encompassing the creation of cinema and media room seating, acoustic planning, and interior design services tailored for home cinema and media spaces. Steve Thorne, Pavone’s Design Director, has gained industry acclaim by collaborating with design firms across Europe, specializing in cinema architecture, seating design, acoustic technology, and the meticulous selection of materials and techniques that enhance the ambiance of cinema and media rooms.

Pavone’s cinema seats, which incorporate precision-engineered mechanisms, are meticulously handcrafted using premium materials such as Italian Napa leather, nubuck, alcantara, and velvet. Among their offerings, integrators can explore the Stanley, available as a single seat recliner or a daybed recliner with console width options and proprietary carbon fiber 3D paneling. The Orson features a distinctive ‘pod’ design, allowing the seat to recline within its carbon fiber shell, providing a deeply immersive experience.

Pavone’s modular media room seating is exemplified by the versatile Lancaster sofa, with multiple configurations to suit any space. It can be customized as a sofa of any width and transformed into a unique media sofa by adding straight or wedged consoles. These sofas feature decorative panels in standard or 3D carbon fiber and veneered marble, framed in stainless steel, providing an exclusive touch.

The Niro offers an individual daybed that can be extended to create a continuous arc of any desired width, featuring carbon fiber armrests for added comfort and convenience. The flagship Hepburn daybed consists of a large central unit with quilted detailing, flanked by two smaller daybeds separated by two wedge-shaped consoles.

Pavone offers a wide range of material choices, including alcantara, nubuck, velvet, and Napa leather, available in 10 colors, along with various upholstery styles and finishes for panels and consoles. For those seeking a completely bespoke seating design, Pavone offers tailored services with a typical delivery time of 8-10 weeks.

Additionally, Pavone will soon introduce a new range of accessories, including lighting, tables, and wall and floor coverings.

“We’re delighted to welcome Pavone to our residential portfolio,” says CUK Group MD Stuart Thomson. “Its unrivalled expertise in ‘all things cinema’ will offer our residential customers a significant head start in the complex world of high-end cinema design while adding enormous value to our product and support services.”

“We are very excited to have signed a distribution contract with CUK,” adds Ray Bohringer, Pavone’s COO. “The expertise, market knowledge and reach that Stuart and the team have will enable us to move Pavone to the next level.”

Pavone boasts design and display studios in Dubai, Portugal, and the UK, and their seating will soon enhance cinema developments at Grosvenor Estates’ Grosvenor Gardens and St John’s Wood Barracks in London. Pavone’s furniture and accessories will also be featured at the new YDF London design store in Knightsbridge.