Amplifiers for Q-SYS Audio Systems

Powersoft has released new plug-ins supporting their install dedicated amplifier platforms ranges for the Q-SYS control ecosystem. These free-to-download plug-ins allow for user friendly network-based control of amplifier functionality via Q-SYS Designer and Q-SYS UCI.

They feature a refined, modern-looking interface, extended functionality, and a high level of user customisability, compared to legacy plug-ins. Q-SYS plug-ins are available to support Powersoft’s Mezzo, Duecanali, Quattrocanali, Ottocanali, X Series and T Series models.

“Powersoft enables wide-ranging control and configuration of our amplifiers through our own ArmoníaPlus software, but we are also committed to ensuring interoperability with other popular control ecosystems; Our new Q-SYS plug-ins improve functionality and usability for any users integrating our premium amplifier technology with the Q-SYS ecosystem”

The latest plug-ins extend third-party network-based interoperability to Powersoft’s new ultra-compact Mezzo half-rack installation amplifiers. For Mezzo, the new plug-ins allow Q-SYS to access numerous key functions, including power and standby, LED blink / identify, amplifier nickname, backup strategy mode, source selection priority, gain and mute control, polarity control, and user delay.

Read-only functionality allows the control unit to additionally poll and display serial number, mains voltage, headroom meters, and a wide range of alarm notifications

Powersoft’s new Q-SYS plug-ins allow users to conveniently drag-and-drop control elements from the plug-in to quickly create custom UIs without interrupting functionality or removing the control from the original plug-in UI. This allows users to situate and re-skin individual controls to create workflows optimised for their needs while maintaining underlying functionality and easily reverting to the original plug-in layout.

The Powersoft range of networked DSP amplifiers include models with 2-channels, 4-channels and 8-channels and between 80W and 8,200W per channel. All models are capable of driving loads as low as 2 ohms as well as high impedance 100V and 70V circuits.

All models of Powersoft amplifiers include network control and powerful DSP built in. Additionally networked audio in the form of Dante and AES67 is available as an option at the time of order.

With such a wide range of models, Powersoft amplifiers allow you to specify the correct amplification for your Q-SYS project and a great alternative to CX-Q and SPA-Q amplifiers.


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