Powersoft WM Touch

8 April 2021

Powersoft WM Touch – Touchscreen Control

With Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution technology, you no longer need a matrix or DSP to deal with distributing music throughout your venue, all of that can now be handled by Powersoft’s intelligent amplifiers with built-in DSP.

Control of sources, zones, and scenes is made easy and straightforward using a dedicated User interface. The WM Touch is a PoE fed wall-mounted touch screen that allows giving control of the entirety of the dynamic music distribution system from a single 4.3″ screen panel.

It is an elegant, effective, and intuitive control tool which uses standard ethernet to connect to the Powersoft amplifiers and can be part of any normal network via RJ45 cable. Thanks to the PoE powering and the simplicity of installation in any single gang back box the WM Touch installation process is very straightforward and simple. It can be mounted both in vertical and horizontal orientation and is available in both black and white versions.

The WM Touch offers a variety of User Interface layouts. The pre-load layouts are specifically designed for dynamic music distribution applications, ensuring intuitive interaction and granting a low learning curve, which provides a straightforward user experience and makes it easy to set up. Within the Wall Mount Touch it is possible to create user-friendly and very intuitive user screens.

WM Touch will be coming to a restaurant, bar or hotel near you soon.