The audio industry isn’t the only one to jump on the benefits of networking.

Gone are the days of large-fixed format video matrices. By using standard network hardware and revolutionary PoE powered encoders and decoders, video distribution and routing has a new level of flexibility and control.

CUK Group can one better this however. With Aurora’s IPX and VLX range, encoders and decoders are combined into one flexible transceiver that can be setup as either way.


AuviTran manufactures a wide range of audio networking products (Audio Toolbox, Network Bridges, Breakout Boxes, Software). The AVDT-BOB products are compact Dante Microphone Breakout Boxes with analog and AES3 in out and DSP integrated.

Latest AV-over-IP News

29 April 2021

PROCAB – USB-C Active Optical Cables

PROCAB have released two new ranges of USB-C active optical cables designed for connecting devices over distances between 10m and 30m,

13 April 2020

The Aurora Advantage

Aurora’s IPBaseT solutons incorporate the most advanced AV over IP technologies giving you and your clients the advantage. More features, usability benefits, better performance and great value.

3 February 2020

Aurora Multimedia now Distributed

Aurora Multimedia, the New Jersey, USA based manufacturer best known for their AV over IP solutions has appointed CUK Audio as their exclusive distributor.