Body Temperature Scanning

Next generation infrared temperature checking tablets, ensure people entering a location are not running a high temperature.

Place at the entrance of your office, restaurant, bar or leisure centre and check the body temperature of an individual in under a second.

If they’re safe, the tablet will light up green, granting access to the building, if they’re running a temperature, the tablet will light up red and deny entry.

At their base in New Jersey, USA, Aurora Multimedia manufacture the most advanced AVoIP and HDBaseT distribution systems. Their innovative control systems incorporate non-proprietary ReAX technology use web standards to break the tyranny of traditional control system vendors.

Latest Body Temperature Scanning News

Aurora TAVIS

16 November 2020

Aurora Multimedia TAVIS – Next Generation Body Temperature Scanning

Aurora Multimedia’s new TAVIS (Thermal Audio Visual Integrated Solution) platform is the first second-generation body temperature scanning solution.