Cables & Connectors

The back-bone of any system, cables and connectors allow you to extend power, video, audio and control, and make your life as an integrator so much easier.

Here at CUK Group, we offer an extensive range of cables spanning audio, video, power and data, in addition to an array of accessories to allow you to complete your installation or rack build easily and efficiently.

Founded in 1977 by a group of enthusiastic audiophiles, PROCAB has grown to become a key player in the AV cable industry. Today, PROCAB manufactures over 4,000 premium quality cable and connector products meeting an array of application requirements.

Xantech Logo

Xantech, a company with a history spanning over four decades, has established itself as a trusted leader in the field of IR (Infrared) technology. Furthermore, Xantech’s commitment to excellence extends to their EX Series HDMI Cables, which are designed in alignment with their philosophy.

Latest Cables & Connectors News

29 April 2021

PROCAB – USB-C Active Optical Cables

PROCAB have released two new ranges of USB-C active optical cables designed for connecting devices over distances between 10m and 30m,