Portable PA

Portable PA needs to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around, offer a selection of inputs and connection options, be flexible to work in an array of solutions, and most importantly, they need to sound amazing.

MIPRO’s Portable PA systems cover everything from Bluetooth, radio mic receivers, USB and analogue, whilst Outline offers both passive and self-powered solutions, tailor-made for high-end touring and live events.


MIPRO Electronics Co. Ltd, established in 1995, is a Taiwan based company that specialises in designing and manufacturing wireless microphones, portable wireless public address and other wireless audio equipment for professional and commercial applications.

Outline Audio logo

Outline is an Italian manufacturer of high-end loudspeaker systems and electronics for the live / touring and installation industry. Outline remains at the forefront of the acoustical and physical research that allows continual evolution and development of its product offering.