Video Monitors

Flat screen in-table, on-table and wall mountable video monitors designed for covering a wide range of professional applications, including corporate meeting spaces, digital signage, CCTV, multimedia kiosks, totems and more.

Whilst they can accommodate a vast array of applications, CUK Groups video monitors are mainly utilised as motorised, retractable screens in corporate AV applications, providing close-up shots of individuals speaking, information on the meeting, multilingual interpretation and more.

Albiral is dedicated to the design and manufacture of flat screen display solutions, covering a wide range of professional applications including, digital signage and corporate. The vast majority of its products sold are motorised, retractable and stationary monitors.

Arthur Holm is the leading European brand of state of the art motorised, retractable and stationary monitors whose designs are based on high end quality materials, cutting edge technology and 100% customisability.