Symetrix Barco Compatibility

24 August 2021

Symetrix Enters Compatibility Partnership with Barco

Symetrix has entered a compatibility partnership with Barco by pairing its Radius NX DSP with Barco ClickShare Conference technology, resulting in enhanced audio quality with ease of use for presentation and conferencing applications of all sizes.

Compatible with devices running Windows, Android of iOS operating systems, the wireless ClickShare Conference conferencing solution turns any meeting room into a meeting and conference facility.

The addition of a Symetrix Radius NX DSP unit adds functionality to environments needing a more powerful audio solution. The Radius NX allows the creation of custom audio processing for the specific needs of the room, including support for multiple microphones and speakers. When connected to the ClickShare Conference via USB, audio from conferencing software on the wirelessly connected computer is heard throughout the room with enhanced clarity and intelligibility.

“Radius NX is the perfect conferencing DSP solutions for delivering best in class sound quality, powerful custom processing and flexible control,” commented Symetrix director of product development Ben Olswang. “And when combined with ClickShare Conference, users can connect their devices wirelessly while still utilising the room’s speakers, mics and processing.”