12 October 2018

Symetrix Radius NX – Next Generation DSP

There are two models in the range; Radius NX 4×4 and Radius NX 12×8 that differ only in the complement of analogue audio inputs and outputs and GPIO ports.

Each model supports 128 (64×64) channels of redundant Dante network audio and has a USB audio I/O port that can be configured for up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs. This means that even before adding expansion cards, a Radius NX 12×8 is equipped with 84 inputs and 80 outputs.

To make good use of all of this I/O, the use of the latest dual core dedicated DSP chips are employed which allow the Radius NX to host a 128 x 128 square matrix in one processing core whilst the second core is dedicated for general audio processing. This makes it possible to design very large and complex systems around a single Radius NX.

For conferencing applications, Radius NX can be equipped with an optional AEC coprocessor which enables up to 16 channels of wide-band acoustic echo cancelling for the highest possible levels of clarity and intelligibility. Radius NX Composer AEC modules are fully virtualized-AEC can be applied to any source (analogue, digital, VOIP, telephone, Dante, AES67 or USB) and routed to any destination. Ultra-fast convergence boosts performance at onset of conversations and when roving microphones are in use.
In addition, Radius NX models feature a card slot that supports all currently available Radius and Edge I/O expansion cards, including VoIP, ATI, and USB cards. Either Radius NX also can connect directly to a complete lineup of software-controlled, Dante-enabled, analogue I/O expanders to add larger numbers of analogue inputs and outputs.

All ARC remote controls including the latest ARC-3 are also fully compatible with Radius NX.

Training based on these new devices will be held in London on 16th November. For more details and to book your FREE place, visit http://symetrix.eventzilla.net