Symetrix TIM-1000

18 January 2021

Symetrix with Clockaudio TIM-1000

TIM-1000, Clockaudio’s tracking intelligent ceiling microphone, is now a supported device in Symetrix’s award-winning Composer software for Edge, Radius NX, Prism and Solus NX DSPs.

Symetrix Composer software enables integrators to program a complete end-to-end DSP signal path using just one application. Some of the main features of the latest update of Composer (8.0) include: Lua Scripting, Audio Playback, Media Manager and Radius NX AEC Enhancements.

The TIM-1000 appears as a native device in the Composer software for tight integration. This means that Dante routing can easily be set between the two devices. You also get full control over and monitoring of the TIM-1000 using the Intelligent Module for the device.

Parameters on the TIM-1000 can easily be controlled from Symetrix T-5 touchscreen or other remote control devices. Combining the power of Symetrix’s industry leading AEC processing with the intelligent tracking of the TIM-1000 provides a superior conference room audio experience.

TIM-1000 is Clockaudio’s latest and greatest addition to the portfolio. The Tracking Intelligent Microphone is breaking the mould for ceiling microphones with its discrete, flush mount design, unmatched audio tracking abilities and easy setup and installation.

Cover up to a 9×9 metre space using a single TIM microphone, due to its wide coverage and 360-degree audio pickup. These features also make TIM the perfect audio solution for multi-configuration rooms that alternate room layouts. Seamless integration into any Dante network and third party controllers, makes TIM an ideal choice for any conferencing applications.