10 December 2020

Symetrix xIO Bluetooth Dante Wall Plate

The first Dante-enabled Bluetooth endpoint available in a single gang form factor is now shipping.

Using a modern, full-featured Bluetooth 5.0 chipset allows the xIO Bluetooth to offer extended range, a stable connection, and world-class audio quality. Available in a UK / EU form factor, the xIO Bluetooth has a clean, sleek design and is compatible with standard wall boxes.

IP control and PoE power simplify installation by allowing a single cable connection from the xIO Bluetooth to a PoE enabled network switch. The xIO Bluetooth may be configured to allow media-only connectivity, phone bridge connectivity, or both. All aspects of xIO Bluetooth control can be controlled using Symetrix remotes, SymVue panels, or third-party control systems.

The xIO Bluetooth is a fully integrated member of the Symetrix xIO family of Dante endpoints allowing full control and configuration of the device, including Dante routing, from within Symetrix ComposerTM software. All aspects of the xIO Bluetooth are fully configurable including the Bluetooth friendly device name, Dante channel names, connect/reconnect functionality, and security.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Dante device in a single gang format
  • PIN code security
  • Selectable single or multiple memorized pairings
  • Selectable modes: Media only, Phone only, Both
  • LED blackout mode
  • Perfect for Hospitality, Education, House of Worship, Conferencing, or Residential use
  • Available UK / EU form factor
  • Black or white finishes