9 March 2020

Televic Confidea FLEX Touchscreen Conferencing Unit

Meetings are more dynamic than ever; things change in an instant and hardware and software need to adapt to enable meetings with focus and efficiency. It is time for a system that is as flexible as the meeting. A system that is easy to install, simple to operate, and user-friendly for participants. It is time for the next generation of wired discussion – Televic Confidea FLEX.

The new Confidea FLEX has been designed to feel at home everywhere: from a boardroom table over a city council to a large conference venue. The goal? To blend modern design with a compact form factor and stability. And while the touch screen may be the center of attention, the design of Confidea FLEX goes much deeper.

Confidea FLEX starts from a durable alloy of zinc and aluminum to create a stable device that does not budge at all when you move around the microphone. It was expertly adjusted by Televic’s engineers to ensure a flawless weight distribution.

The outside of Confidea FLEX contrasts a large surface area with tight curves to create a playful tension. And its low profile takes up very little space. The result is a device that looks both modern and accessible.

On the inside, every inch of the electronics was engineered by Televic to fit the tight constraints of the device. The result is the most compact touch screen table-top device on the market.

Accessibility has been an important part of the design. Haptic feeedback and tactile markers enable those with visual disabilities to use Confidea FLEX. Bluetooth technology allows direct connection to compatible hearing aids whilst standard 3.5″ jacks allow the use of personal induction loops.